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Our Very Own Free From Chocolate…

Here at the RealFoodSource we are very excited to launch our very own ‘Free From’ chocolate bars.   This new chocolate embodies all that the RealFoodSource is about – great tasting, simple honest ‘real’ food, made with premium organic ingredients, yet fairly priced and packaged to offer wonderful quality at the best value possible.

We have created two delicious dark chocolate bars made with 72% cocoa solids. One is made with natural low GI coconut sugar and the other with slightly sweeter natural cane sugar. The coconut sugar version is a little less sweet and imparts a subtle hint of caramel. The cane sugar version offers a more pure taste of the wonderful Dominican Republic cocoa.

For our first product, we wanted to make an exceptional tasting chocolate that everyone could enjoy including those with food intolerances or following specific diets. They are made with the very tried and tested products we sell here at the RFS – organic cocoa solids (cocoa liquor, organic cocoa butter), sugar and absolutely nothing else. Not even a trace of lecithin! They are also made in a free from facility, there is no egg, no gluten, no nuts, no dairy, no soya or any other vegetable oils. While many leading brands of chocolate state they may contain traces of one or more of the above allergens our chocolate does not. It’s also suitable for vegans.  We also wanted to create a chocolate we were happy to give to our 3-year-old daughter and we are happy to report she loves it!

High quality cocoa does not require vanilla to taste great and since we want the flavor of our cocoa to shine this chocolate does not contain a trace of vanilla.

Coconut sugar is considered to have a much lower GI rating than cane sugar and also contains some extra useful nutrients. Coconut sugar, although a fraction less sweet than our cane sugar chocolate, imparts a very subtle hint of caramel. It offers the same melt in your mouth experience and is the perfect chocolate indulgence for primal style diets.  It may also be suitable for those following a lower GI diet.  As always we encourage our customers to do their own research on our products.

Although these chocolate bars are great for simply savouring as they are, due to the high cocoa butter content this chocolate is actually a Couverture which is high cocoa butter content chocolate. This results in a smoother, creamier and more refined experience compared to low cocoa butter content chocolate. The higher cocoa butter content also means that Couverture chocolate has a distinct glossy appearance, a very crisp snap when broken, and the ability to be melted and tempered with ease. In fact, most of the chocolate considered of the highest quality bars contains a level of cocoa butter to classify as couverture. Another added benefit of high cocoa butter content is there is no need to use any lecithin used as an emulsifier in most lower quality chocolate, predominantly made from soya beans this is not an additive we at RFS agree with, we are a soy free company.

We sell this chocolate simply sealed and boxed, not inexpensive fancy packaging, thus ensuring that we are able to offer it at the best possible value. Good quality chocolate seems to be getting offered in ever decreasing sized bars at increasing prices. We wanted to set ourselves apart by offering our chocolate in great value packs. We offer it in 5 bar (500g), 10 bar, (1kg), 20 bar (2kg) and 40 bar (4kg) pack sizes. You can, of course, buy the ingredients here and make your own chocolate if preferred!

Please note that we are not offering perfect individually packaged retail bars so there is a possibility that some of the bars may break during transit. Please only buy if you are happy with this possibility as the bars are packed together to keep the price down. We may offer perfectly packaged individual retail bars in the future but for now, we want to offer the chocolate at the very best prices to all our customers.

We hope you enjoy our chocolate as much as we do and are looking forward to creating and launching more exciting products on the RealFoodsource soon.

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