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The UK’s First Coconut Milk Chocolate?

Innovation is at the heart of the RealFoodSource so are really excited to launch what we believe to be the UK’s first coconut milk chocolate for Christmas. This chocolate couverture uses the wonderful vegan coconut milk powder we brought to the RealFoodSource earlier in the year.

We’ve really enjoyed our trials with chocolate this year launching the Real Food Source free from 72% dark chocolate couverture bars. Now we’re excited to launch a limited edition coconut milk chocolate for Christmas. We’ve had a small quantity handmade for us by our local friends the Chocolate Tree in Haddington. The chocolate is a blend of our 30% oil content Vegan Coconut Milk Powder with Ecuadorian native arriba cacao. It’s pure bean to bar meaning it’s handmade directly from the cocoa bean and with it’s 50% cocoa content it really doesn’t get much better! It tastes amazing! The arriba cocoa has a lovely floral flavour and the creamy quality melts in your mouth. Plus the 30% coconut milk powder means the dairy alternative is a highly nutritious substitute for the real mccoy. It also melts very easily for use as couverture.

As usual we’ve kept it simple, it’s purely a mix of Ecuadorian cocoa, cocoa butter, coconut sugar, coconut milk powder and absolutely nothing else. Bean to bar chocolate normally sells for around twice the price, but we’re selling these at no profit as a special treat for our customers at Christmas! This will also help us to evaluate demand and see if we should produce larger volumes at lower prices as we do with our other chocolate.

We’d love for you to give it a try so hurry we’ve only got a small batch and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Although no dairy is used in this chocolate, this is produced in a facility that does handle dairy. This is not a free from chocolate like our other couverture bars. If there is sufficient demand we will have free from coconut milk chocolate produced.

34% Ecudorian Cocoa, 20% Coconut Milk Powder, 30% Coconut Sugar, Cocoa Butter 16% and nothing else at all.  Plus we’re following the RFS ethos so it’s all about the quality of the product with minimal fancy packaging.

Buy it here on the RealFoodStore.  Our other organic 72% dark chocolate bars – coconut sugar can be bought here and cane sugar here.  Enjoy!

** Update March 2018 – this product is now handmade in the RealFoodSource Innovation kitchen. **

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