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November 2016 Newsletter – Our New Range of Nut Butters & Pastes


November 2016 Newsletter- Our New Nut Butters & Pastes including Our Updated FREE Nut Butters & Pastes Ebook

We love nut butters and pastes here at RealFoodSource. So much so that we have added lots of new ones to our range for you to try! With plenty of choice from almond, hazelnut, cashew and peanut it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Check them out below. As always they are just 100% ground nut goodness, no added preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers as you find in so many others. We package them in simple 1kg tubs to offer the very best quality at the very best price. Our butters are from roasted nuts and pastes from their unroasted equivalent. Need some inspiration on how to use your new nut butter? Download our FREE Nut Butter & Paste Recipe Ebook (which has just been updated with lots of yummy new nutty goodness recipes). There is pages and pages of tasty savoury and sweet recipes for you to try and they are all gluten, dairy and soy free too. We especially love the Apple & Peanut Quinoa Bites made using our peanut butters which are available from £4.99 a kilo for non-organic and only £6.49 a kilo for organic. Check them out and the delicious recipe below!



Over 30 delicious, savoury and sweet recipes to make with our nut butters and pastes in our recently updated ebook. All recipes are gluten, dairy and soy free and most are paleo/primal too, plus they only take 5-10 minutes to make.
Grab it here!


o-roablanalmbut-1 Organic Roasted Almond Butter

Our excellent new organic roasted almond butter is a favourite here at RealFoodSource! We love spreading it on toast, adding it to smoothies or just eating it straight from the tub! Just 100% roasted organic almonds. Pick up a 1KG tub for only £15.49, here!




Peanut Butter

We have added wonderful new peanut butters to our range. 100% ground, roasted peanuts and absolutely no added salt or nasties. We love combining with our melted chocolates to make chocolate peanut butter snacks, delicious! We’ve got organic peanut butter at £6.49 a kilo and non-organic for only £4.99 a kilo.



Apple & Peanut Quinoa Bites

Check out our delicious recipe using quinoa, apple and peanut butter. Recipe here!




Roasted Hazelnut Butter

Our new hazelnut butter is an excellent source of vitamins including vitamin E. It’s super spread on toast or crackers or try it mixed with our melted dark chocolate, to make a divine chocolate spread! With no added preservatives, just 100% hazelnuts and only £12.24 a kilo. Try it here!




Creamy Smoothie – 3 Ways

Check out our 3 way smoothie recipes here! Using our new nut butters, chocolate hemp protein and freeze dried fruit powders we make 3 delicious smoothie flavours- Vanilla, Berry Peanut, Chocolate Protein. Recipe here!





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