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February 2017 Newsletter – Whey & Sunflower Protein Promos plus Flax

We are doing a great promotion on our pure whey and sunflower protein powders this month. Get 40% off the protein powder when you buy it in a bundle with our freeze dried 100% fruit flavourings. So many protein/meal replacement shakes are full of ingredients and flavours that aren’t real food and hidden nasties. Just  2 of our products are needed to create a real 100% natural protein shake mix with no added artificial flavourings, fillers, sweeteners or sugars.

Our whey protein concentrate 80 contains a full 80g of protein per 100g. Combine it with one of our freeze dried fruit (or vegetables), milk of choice or water to make a delicious natural shake that is a perfect for a post workout boost or to easily top up your protein intake as well as being packed full of essential vitamins and minerals – check out our recipes below!  Prefer a vegan source of protein?  Then check out the same deal on our organic sunflower protein with 55% protein. We also have brand new organic brown whole flax seeds this month, part of our new real value range. Grab a 1kg bag for only £3.39 here!



Whey Protein Powder Concentrate 80

Our whey protein concentrate powder contains no nasty fillers, thickeners or sweeteners it is just 100% pure whey. We have both organic and non-organic whey concentrate. Save 40% on our whey when you buy it in a bundle with some freeze dried fruit. That’s 1kg conventional whey for just £4.73 or 1kg organic whey for just £10.79. Take a look here!






Organic Sunflower Seed 55% Protein Powder

Our organic sunflower protein powder with it’s neutral flavour it excellent to combine with our natural freeze dried fruit flavourings giving a high pure protein hit combined with the essential vitamins and minerals of our 100% freeze dried fruits. Save 40% on our sunflower protein powder when you buy it in a bundle with our freeze dried fruits. That’s 1kg organic sunflower protein for just £10.13, available here.





100% Natural Protein Shakes

Most meal replacement/protein shakes have ingredients you can’t pronounce and un ‘natural’ flavours. Just 2 of our products can be used to create a real food protein shake. We share our favourite combos to get you zapping here!




Organic Brown Flax Seeds

Our new organic whole brown flax seeds part of the new real value range (where we have minimised costs on aspects such as packaging to get real food to people at even better real good prices). Flax seeds are also commonly known as linseed and have a delightful slightly nutty taste and are excellent for adding crunch to recipes as well as being a great plant source of protein and omega fatty acids and high in fibre making these seeds highly nutritious. Grab a 1KG bag here for only £3.39!

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