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We’re Going Nuts for Tiger Nuts – Regular, Peeled and Flour Now in Store plus Great Tiger Nut Recipes!

We’re going nuts for tiger nuts! These little nuts aren’t actually nuts but instead are a small root vegetable making them the perfect addition to most diets- they are our new favourites!

Bursting with vitamin E, calcium and phosphorus they pack a nutritional punch. We have regular tiger nuts and peeled tiger nuts (both organic!) which are naturally sweet and perfect for a quick snack if you are avoiding refined sugar. Try making some delicious dairy-free tiger nut milk with it’s delightful caramel taste, find the recipe below. We also have fantastic new organic tiger nut flour which is a perfect gluten and grain free flour for adding to desserts and pastries. Pick up a 1 kilo bag here for only £9.99. Need some inspiration for using your tiger nut flour? Then have a look at our delicious tiger nut crumble bars and tiger nut cookies recipes.


Organic Peeled Tiger Nuts

As well as our new tiger nuts we also have organic peeled tiger nuts. These have had the outer layer removed leaving the intense sweet tasting layer packed full of goodness such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids and minerals. While they are called tiger nuts they are actually not a nut but instead are small, root vegetable. Try them for only £9.49 a kilo here.






Tiger Nut Milk

Tiger nuts make great homemade dairy-free milk as the flavour is subtly sweet with a hint of caramel. Delicious! Check out the Recipe and grab the ingredients you need here.




Organic Fine Tiger Nut Flour

Our wonderful new organic fine tiger nut flour is made from finely milled tiger nuts. Our fine tiger nut flour is perfect to bake with and it’s high content of natural sugars makes it the perfect ingredient to prepare desserts. Need some culinary inspiration then check out our tiger nut recipes below and then pick up a bag for £9.99 a kilo.






Tiger Nut Crumble Bars
These wonderfully diverse bars can either be made as soft cakey bars or that little bit crispier depending on the nature of the fruit layer. So many ways to mix them up or add chopped dried berries into the mix for a crisper overall texture. Click here for the full recipe.



Tiger Nut Cookies
The very basic recipe would be just three simple ingredients- banana, tiger nuts and nut butter but I have added different mix-in variations to inspire your creativity. You can use our tiger nut flour or you can grind the tiger nuts to make your own tiger nut flour. Get baking here.


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