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March 2017 Newsletter – Coconut Oil Deals, FREE Ebooks and More

Here at the RealFoodSource we love coconut oil and have a wide range of different organic oils including our unique cold pressed whole kernel and raw wet milled coconut oils.Check out our guide in our blog on the different types and why some are better than others depending on what you are using it for. We’ve also got some great deals on our oils – buy 4 x 500ml tubs of our best selling organic cold pressed oils for £14.99 or 4 x 500mls tubs of our organic raw wet milled for just £16.99.  Looking for new ways to use coconut oil?  Grab our free Coconut Oil recipe ebook full of great recipes from chocolate fudge to kale crisps, bullet proof coffee, energy bars and more.  Plus check out our blog post on coconut oil for babies, kids and nursing mums.

Organic Whole Kernel Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Our excellent organic extra virgin whole kernel coconut oil is from the finest Sri Lankan coconuts cold pressed at controlled temperatures.  As the coconuts are pressed with the skin on all the valuable minerals from the coconut’s brown skin are retained in the oil. Get a 500ml glass jar for only £7.69 here!


FREE Coconut Oil Ebook
Our little ebook is packed with inspirational recipes to make with your coconut oil. We share our favourite breakfast, savoury and sweet recipes as well as hints and tips for using our oils, did you know coconut oil also makes fantastic body balms and mouth wash? Download for FREE here!



Organic Sri Lankan Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut
Our excellent value deal – 4 x 500ml tubs of our organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil for just £14.99! Our best selling coconut oil is light and silky with a natural aroma and taste of the finest fresh coconuts. It’s quite simply a fantastic cold pressed virgin oil that is wonderful for cooking and baking as well as for your hair and skin. Grab this amazing offer here!


Coconut Oil and it’s MANY Uses
Read our blog here about how fantastic coconut oil is for babies, kids and nursing mums.  Plus check out our guide here to learn about all out different types of coconut oil we sell to help you choose your favourite.



Organic Raw Wet Milled Coconut Oil
Our excellent value deal – 4 x 500ml tubs of our organic raw wet milled coconut oil for just £16.99! Wet milled coconut oil is produced from wet coconuts in much the same way as cream is made from milk. The oil is produced very quickly from the freshly picked coconuts, quite often in less than 12 hours without heat so that the nutrients remain as close to the what is found in the actual coconut. Pick up 4 tubs of this amazing oil here!


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