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April 2017 Newsletter – Easter at RealFoodSource 2017

Here at the RealFoodSource we LOVE chocolate and with Easter fast approaching we want to share our favourite chocolates and recipes!If you are looking for a milk chocolate made without dairy and cane sugar our 100g Venezuelan bean to bar coconut milk chocolate couverture bar is the perfect gift. Containing only high quality Venezuelan cocoa, coconut sugar and our vegan coconut milk powder it is a super milky delicious chocolate with all the goodness of coconut. Alternatively if dark chocolate is your favourite, check out our coconut sugar 67% chocolate drops that make excellent homemade Easter eggs! Sweetened with coconut sugar they are perfect if you are avoiding cane sugar. Or why not try our delicious tri-chocolate nut mix? Containing a mixture of dark chocolate almonds, milk chocolate hazelnuts and white chocolate cashews it’s a great decadent chocolate coated nut mix for the holidays, we sell top value bulk packs that go the distance! If you want to get hands on this Easter why not get baking with our recipe for a delicious gluten free chocolate cake with hazelnut chocolate mousse and meringue below. For making the chocolate cake we have our Ecuadorian Arriba 74% couverture drops for only £8.99 a kilo here. Finally, we’re very excited to introduce our new organic Ceylon (true) cinnamon powder. Native to Sri Lanka this cinnamon powder is a mild, reddish brown with a beautiful aroma. We also have a wonderful Easter-themed hot cross cookie recipe to use with it, find the full recipe below.

Venezuelan Bean to Bar Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

A 100g bar of unique handmade Scottish chocolate couverture. It’s simply a mixture of Venezuelan carenero superior cocoa, coconut sugar and our vegan coconut milk powder. With it’s delightful creamy  milk chocolate taste (from coconut milk, not dairy) it’s hard not to eat it all at once! Grab yours here, for only £3.49 a bar!



Organic 67% Coconut Sugar Chocolate Drops

Our organic dark chocolate couverture drops are sweetened with coconut sugar making them excellent drops for your easter creations if you are looking to avoid cane sugar.  Just the finest organic Dominican single origin cocoa liquor and butter mixed with organic coconut sugar, absolutely nothing else!  500g just £6.49 here.



Organic Tri-Chocolate Coated Nut Mix

Our tri-chocolate coated nut mix is a wonderful organic mix of white chocolate cashew nuts, dark chocolate almonds and milk chocolate hazelnuts! Treat yourself to a 500g bulk sharing bag that will last all through the holidays (maybe) for just £11.49 here.



Ecuadorian Arriba 74% Chocolate Drops

This is a wonderful 74% chocolate couverture produced from single origin Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa beans. A very smooth, creamy chocolate that is less bitter than most other 74% chocolate couvertures. Grab a 1KG bag for only £8.99 here. Need some inspiration on how to use it? Check out the recipe below for a delicious gluten free chocolate cake.



Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse and Meringue

A delightful gluten free chocolate cake recipe from Kaia at the Bakeaway blog. Kaia used our delicious single origin Ecuadorian Arriba chocolate drops and coconut sugar for the chocolate cake and our Gianduja hazelnut chocolate drops for the mousse. Get baking this Easter with the full recipe here.



Organic Ceylon (True) Cinnamon Powder

Our highest quality Ceylon cinnamon powder also known as true cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. Unlike the cinnamon you get in the supermarkets, true cinnamon is a milder, reddish brown with a beautiful aroma. It is especially good for flavour depth if you are cutting sugar and sweeteners from your baking. Try in baking and desserts or for simply adding some flavour to porridge or smoothies. Pick up a 250g pack here for only £5.99!


Gluten Free Easter Hot Cross Cookies

Now that you’ve got your cinnamon why not get baking some delicious Easter treats. Hot cross buns are fun but not always that straight forward to make, particularly if you avoid gluten. This idea for ‘cookies’ is much easier and actually turned out a lot more ‘bun like’ than anticipated- winner! Click here for the full recipe.

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