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June 2017 Newsletter – We’re Going Nuts For Nuts

New Ground Nut Range, Nut Pieces and Our Favourite Nut Butters & Pastes

Here at RealFoodSource…we’re ‘nuts’ about nuts! They’re super tasty, diverse and full of beneficial fatty acids and minerals, what’s not to love? We have everything from whole nuts and nut pieces to nut pastes and butters. Check out our new range of ground nuts below. With their flour-like consistency they are ideal for adding to your favourite recipes for boosting good fats and protein. With nut prices on the rise we’ve also added new cashew nut pieces and organic walnut pieces to our real value range – at under £12.00 a kilo you can get your nut fix at a great price! Looking to buy a delicious nut paste or butter but not quite sure what to do with it? Download our FREE nut butter & pastes ebook, full of delicious savoury and sweet recipes. Our featured recipe this month is our walnut bean burger – with summer fast approaching it’s the perfect recipe for the BBQ! Find the full recipe and fill your basket with all the ingredients below.

We’ve recently launched a new range of diverse ground nuts. With a flour-like consistency these are the perfect product to add a sweet, nutty flavour to gluten free recipes. Choose from walnut, pecan, brazil nut, hazelnut and cashew. View the full range here!






If whole nuts are more your thing then take a look at our wide range of organic and non organic nuts including macadamia’s, brazil nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Click here to see the full range!

‘Real Value’ Nut Pieces
Here at RealFoodSource we realise the importance that nuts play in the diet as they are full of beneficial fatty acids and minerals. However the prices of nuts is on the rise and these increases don’t appear to be stopping any time soon. At RealFoodSource we want to make healthy eating affordable for everyone and have therefore added 2 new nut products to our real value range.
We now sell organic walnut pieces and non-organic cashew pieces. These are a more cost-effective alternative to whole nuts while still containing all the great nutrition. At only £11.49 for a kilo of organic walnut pieces and 1KG of cashew nut pieces for £9.99 these offer proper real value!
Before You Go…Don’t Forget Our Nut Pastes and Butter

From peanut butter to almond paste and everything in between! Click here to view the full range.



Nut Butters & Pastes Ebook
Our nut butters & pastes ebook is filled with 30 savoury and sweet recipes to make with our nut butters and pastes. Best of all they are super simple with most taking just 5-10 minutes max to prepare! Click here to download.

RECIPE CORNER : Walnut Bean Burgers
Whip up these delicious burgers using our delicious ground walnuts. With summer approaching, they are perfect for popping on the BBQ! Find the full recipe here and grab all the ingredients below.
Ground Walnuts (500g)   

Organic Golden Flax Seeds (1KG)
 Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes (500g)
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