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October Newsletter – New Edible Beauty Range

Our new Edible Beauty line is turning beauty on it’s head. We’re simplifying beauty by offering the very best, certified organic, edible, cold pressed oils for all the nutritional goodness your body needs, both inside and out, at sensible, affordable prices.

 Want the very best? Read why we believe our certified organic food grade oils are so much better for you than cosmetic grade oils and why we do things differently when it comes to beauty in our blog post here.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – With over 80% Skin Nourishing Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and Anti-Ageing Vitamin E, Argan Oil is Loaded with Nutrition Your Body Needs on the Inside and with All that Goodness it is Amazing for Skin, Hair and Nails. 100ml only £6.79.



Organic Sweet Almond Oil – Loaded with Vitamin E and Oleic Acid it is So Good For You on the Inside and it is a Fabulous Versatile Moisturising Oil for Hair and Skin.  Grab a 100ml bottle for just £6.69.




Organic Avocado Oil – Bursting with Vitamin E, A & D, Amino Acids and Proteins.  A Deeply Nourishing Oil For You on the Inside and the Perfect Oil for Dry and Ageing Skin. Only £6.59 for 100ml.




Organic Evening Primrose Oil – With Omega 3, Omega 6, in particular it’s high GLA content, our Pure Evening Primrose has Many Claimed Health Benefits and is a Highly Nutritious Oil that is Deeply Nourishing and Cleansing for Skin and Hair. 100ml only £6.79.



Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil – Bursting with Omega 6 and 9, a Myriad of Essential Fatty Acids, Iron, Calcium and B Vitamins. Black Cumin has so Many Claimed Health Benefits and is a Highly Moisturising and Healing Oil for Skin and Strengthening for Hair and Nails. 100ml only £7.79.



Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil – A Rich, Highly Beneficial Green Oil that is Bursting with Vitamin A, C, Zinc and Omegas 3 and 6. So Much Goodness for You on the Inside and Deeply Nourishing and Protecting for Skin –100ml bottle only £5.49.




All of our new oils are excellent drizzled over salads, in soups or added to smoothies and dips. Avocado oil makes for an excellent cooking oil while pumpkin seed oil mixed with black pepper and sea salt makes a delicious dip for bread. All our edible oils are the very best pure oils you can get  for your skin, hair and nails too.


Or why not try one of these…

  • Organic Tiger Nut Oil – Our rich tiger nut oil is cold pressed from the finest sweet organic tiger nuts to produce a wonderful golden brown oil. With it’s high oleic acid and Vitamin E content and low acidity it’s an excellent oil for skincare, especially for keeping the skin hydrated for a long period of time. 250ml just £9.99.
  • Organic Unrefined Shea Butter – Shea butter is wonderful for you skin, especially in winter months when skin can get so dry.  Our Shea Butter is an edible grade butter, we believe edible grades are better than cosmetic grades for your body and skin, after all if you can eat it, it must be the best for the outside too!  Perfect on it’s own or mix it up with our other oils in homemade body products. 450g just £7.99.
  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – The finest organic coconuts are harvested by hand and cold pressed to produced our light and silky extra virgin coconut oil with a delightful coconut aroma.  With it’s high lauric acid content it is the perfect natural moisturiser, makeup remover and so much more!  There are so many uses for our delightful coconut oil. 500ml just £5.89.
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