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Amazing Baobab and Pitted Prunes!

There has been a lot of LOVE this week for our baobab and our prunes following the Channel 4 Superfoods program.

Our baobab from the pure fruit pods of the African baobab tree is a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron and dietary fibre.  It has many claimed health benefits including boosting energy levels, helping hydration and supporting the immune and nervous system. With it’s naturally sweet, zingy flavour we love it in smoothies, yoghurt and porridge and we also use it to naturally sweeten our great new turmeric and matcha lattes, more details on those below.  Looking for a great recipe, see our favourite goji baobab tea below.  We sell 500g organic baobab at £8.69, up to 4kg bulk for just £60.99, grab it here!
Our Chilean dried pitted prunes are a great source of antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C. Prunes have many claimed health benefits as mentioned in the program. Our naturally dried prunes are not hydrated (part water) like most snacking prunes so they are great for adding to trail mixes, energy bars or chopping and adding to porridge and cereals. 1kg just £5.99 up to 4kg bulk for just £21.99, grab it here

Our New Drinks are Naturally Sweetened with Baobab and Lucuma

Turmeric Latte

Our delicious new dairy free Turmeric Latte is naturally sweetened with organic baobab and lucuma.

Just add hot water for the perfect warming autumnal cuppa or add to your smoothies for all the turmeric, lucuma, baobab and coconut goodness. Just £5.99, grab it here!

Matcha Latte

Want to start your day with that matcha antioxidant boost? Our novel new dairy free ceremonial Matcha Latte is naturally sweetened with organic baobab and lucuma too.  We use the best ceremonial grade matcha we can source.
Just add hot water for the perfect green latte, £5.99 grab it here!










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