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November 2017 Newsletter – Brand New Gluten Free Grains!

Porridge Season is Here and We’ve Got So Many Organic Gluten Free Options for a Hearty Bowl! 


Try our Quinoa flakes, Teff flakes, Buckwheat flakes and Amaranth flakes for a higher protein option to standard oats. Most of our flakes are also a lower carb content than our standard oats and all our flakes are a great source of vitamins and minerals to start your day.  Our range is  also super versatile – try them in gluten free flapjacks, homemade granola, cookies, overnight oats and blended into smoothies, there are so many options!  Check out our full range here!


Alternatively if you just like traditional gluten free British oats, grab our a 1kg value range bag  for just £2.99 here




or a 1kg bag of our Organic Scottish gluten free kiln dried instant porridge oats for only £5.39 here!




For more ideas on how to use porridge oats then grab our free oats recipe ebook here – oats can be substituted for most of our new gluten free flakes in the recipes.  Don’t forget we’ve also got 5 fantastic ready mixed porridge too, our Apple Pecan Pie and Chia Berry Boost porridges are perfect for autumn!

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