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Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

Grab Your Last Minute Gifts for Christmas! 

Our brand new Fruit and Nut Mix is a delicious mix of Sultanas, Pineapple infused Cranberries, Jumbo Flame Raisins, Cashews, Almonds and Pecans! DECANT A SNACK…All of our nut mixes, choc nut mixes and fruit mixes are great to buy as a bulk snack bag that can then be used to fill up your own reusable mini snack boxes. A 30g snack box serving works out at only 33p, a fraction of the cost and more eco-friendly than standard ready made snacking boxes.  Pick up a 500g bag for only £5.49!



Our Organic Moroccan Argan Oil in our Edible Beauty range has over 80% skin nourishing fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-ageing vitamin E. Pure unprocessed argan maximises the goodness in the oil that your body needs on the inside and it’s that nutrition from the pure, edible grade of oil that is also the best you can get for your skin, hair and nails too. Packed in a simple brown glass pipet bottle to protect the oil from sunlight, we sell 100ml for only £6.79.



Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil is loaded with vitamin E and oleic acid that is so good for you on the inside and is also a fabulous versatile moisturising oil for hair and skin too. Edible grade over cosmetic grade oil for the highest level of care your skin needs too. Grab a 100ml bottle for just £6.69.


Our delicious Vanini Academy of Chocolate award-winning chocolate makes the perfect gift or stocking filler! The Vanini Gourmet Praline Box combines a soft fruity praline centre made from vanini milk chocolate that is infused with the highest quality Italian extra virgin olive oil and encased in a dark chocolate shell. Our 100g bean to bars come in a delicious range of 7 flavours including Bronze winning 62% Dark Chocolate with Pear & Cinnamon and 49% Milk Chocolate with Sicilian Sea Salt and Silver winning 62% Dark Chocolate with Lemon and Pink Pepper.


Our brand new Fruit Mix is an excellent mix of Pineapple infused Cranberries, Tart Cherries, Jumbo Flame Raisins and Sultanas. Excellent for your Christmas cakes and puddings, snacking or adding a festive touch to your porridge and yoghurt! Pick up a 500g bag for only £4.45!


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