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RealFoodSource Christmas Newsletter

Our New Coated Nuts are Party Pleasers for the Festive Season!

Party Pleasers!






-Salted Pistachios – £3.99 for 250g
-Roasted Chilli & Lime Cashews – £4.99 for 250g
-Caramelised Maple Peanuts – £2.49 for 250g
-Roasted Peppercorn Almonds – £3.25 for 250g
-Caramelised Cinnamon Cashews – £4.49 for 250g
-Caramelised Honey Cashews – £4.49 for 250g
-Caramelised Cinnamon Almonds – £3.49 for 250g
-Caramelised Poppy Peanuts – £2.49 for 250g

Our new covered nuts are party pleasers and great for sharing over the holiday season. With 13 flavours including hot chill peanutsroasted peppercorn almonds and caramelised honey cashews, it won’t be hard to find a favourite!


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Featured Recipe

Chocolate Hazelnut Cups

‘A festive spin on the classic American peanut butter cups’

Makes approx 6 cups


-1 tbs coconut oil

-¼ cup hazelnut butter

-sea salt (optional)


-Melt our chocolate drops with our coconut oil until runny and pour in a few millimetres to cover the bottom of 6 mini muffin cup (silicone cups work best for this as it is easiest to pop the cups out afterwards).

-Allow the chocolate layer to set for a few minutes in the fridge, then drop half a teaspoon of our hazelnut butter into the centre- note, scoop a little lower in the cup to get the thicker and less liquidy butter as it will stay put in the centre better!

-Top the cups up with the remaining chocolate to cover the hazelnut butter, add a touch of sea salt on top if desired.

-Allow to set fully before popping out of the cups.


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