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Country of Origin On our Product Images

As you may have noticed, the majority of our product packaging images on our website do not show a country of origin, instead “xxx” is shown. Obviously the country of origin is shown on the product label you receive.

For these products where the country of origin is not shown, the country of origin can change during the year as we buy from different harvests around the world to keep the product in stock throughout the year.  For example, for many popular products such as chia and nuts we get deliveries of these weekly.  If we were to show the country of origin we would be updating the images continually.  Ultimately we would have to add this to the cost of the product and our aim is to offer the very best foods at the very best prices. However, we are always happy to confirm the country of origin of the current batch, simply drop us an email through our contact us here listing the products you require.

For products which always originate from the same origin we clearly state in the listing For example our Ugandan cocoa mass or chocolate.  Also, where we buy from countries in a particular part of the world we also try to make this clear, for example EU Hemp Protein which is made from a blend of hemp seeds from both Britain and the other hemp seeds grown in the EU as the producer does not farm enough in the UK to currently fulfil demand fully from British hemp seeds.

Many consumers are also concerned about products originating from China.  The majority of our products are not from China, however we do sell some products from China where these are the best we can source, for example our organic goji berries.  When we purchase products from China we always buy from suppliers who retest products from China to ensure they adhere to strict EU food and organics standards.  Please see our other blog post about China here which gives our view on this.

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