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Crazy For Cocoa & Chocolate!


For many of us at Real Food Source, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear Easter is CHOCOLATE! For some that means baking chocolate brownies, for some it’s warming up with a cup of hot chocolate. If you share our love of chocolate then we’ve got you covered this Easter with our wide range of chocolate and cocoa products, chocolate inspired recipes (including the chocolate eggs pictured above) and some exciting new products! Check them out below.

~ NEW! Organic Dark Coconut Sugar Chocolate Coated Products ~

We’re excited to announce we have just launched a brand new range of delicious organic products coated in our unique 67% Dark Coconut Sugar Chocolate. Products include Goji Berries, Almonds, Tiger Nuts, Inca Berries and Mulberries. They’re gluten free, cane sugar free, vegan friendly and ideal for snacking!

~ Dark Chocolate Couverture Drops Range ~

We stock a range of Dark Chocolate Couverture Drops from Madagascar, Sao Tome, Peru and Ecuador – each with their own distinct flavour notes and a cocoa solids content between 70% and 78%. The drops make them easy to melt or bake with but they’re also delicious eaten as is!

~Mix It Up and Get Snacking~


If you’re a fan of chocolate and nuts then you’ll love our Choc & Nut Mixes which combine Whole Nuts with Coconut Sugar 67% Chocolate Drops or 71% Dark Chocolate Drops. Prices start at just £5.99 for 500g!



~Milk Chocolate Couverture Drops~

Choose from a range of smooth and creamy milk chocolate couverture drops. Use them in homemade trail and snack mixes or add them to cookies and cakes!

~Warm Up with Our Hot Chocolates!~

Cosy up on the couch with a cup of Our Coconut Sugar sweetened Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolate or Our Chocolate Turmeric Latte Mix. All three mixes contain our unique dairy free Coconut Milk Powder which makes them creamy and vegan friendly!

~Bake Up a Storm with Our Cocoa/Cacao Powders!~

Use our Organic UnroastedNatural Cocoa Powder or new Agostoni Single Origin Peruvian Cocoa Powder for baking, making homemade chocolate or simply add it to a smoothie. Add 1kg of Natural Cocoa Powder to your basket for just £8.89!

Click On the Image to View the Recipe!




Click On the Image to View the Recipe!

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