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Chocolate Mousse Hemp Boost

This is another fantastic recipe to showcase our Hemp protein. These mousses are indulgent providing the chocolatey hit and make the prefect dessert after a long summers day!

Recipe: Chocolate Hemp Mousse


1/2 cup hemp protein (other powders may also work)

3 tbs cocoa or raw cacoa powder

1/4 cup fine coconut flour

2 tsp maca (optional )

1-2 tbs ground chia

1 cup mashed ripe banana (use frozen for a thicker consistency)

1 tbs coconut oil– melted

1/4 tsp stevia to taste

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

up to 1/2 cup non-dairy milk of choice (use more of less depending on desired consistency and whether or not you used frozen banana)


Blend all ingredients together until very smooth.  Spoon or pipe the mixture into mini muffin cases (I piped it purely for aesthetics!)

Freeze for 30 minutes or so if you prefer a soft serve consistency, or freeze for longer if planning on keeping for a few weeks. Serve at room temp or chilled and topped with extra fruit, nuts, chia seeds or trail mix if desired.

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