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Calling all Fruit Fans

A fan of fruit? We’ve got you covered with the biggest range of freeze dried fruits!

What we have on offer

We stock a wide variety of freeze dried fruits – both organic and conventional. Our range includes lingonberries, tart cherries, banana, lemon, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries – to name just a few! They’re available in powders, slices, pieces and whole fruits so that you can find what works best for you!


What’s so great about Freeze Dried Fruits?

 Freeze drying fruit removes the moisture from the fruit without cooking it which means the natural colour, flavour and nutrients of the fruit is preserved. Your food wastage will be kept to a minimum as they have a long shelf life. Another bonus is they can be stored in your cupboard which means you have fruit on hand when a smoothie craving strikes! Discover our range here.

Freeze Dried Fruit Pieces & Slices

Our Fruit Pieces and Slices work best in homemade trail mixes, cereal mixes and baked goods. Some can even be thrown in with salads – like with the recipe we’ve shared below.

Cranberry, Walnut & Apple Salad Recipe 

Brighten up your day with this super simple, 5 ingredient salad! Our Freeze Dried Cranberries add a pop of colour and a subtle tart flavour which contrasts well with with the salty feta, sweet apple and crunchy walnuts in this light salad!

Freeze Dried Whole Fruits

Many of our Whole Fruits are delicious eaten as is but they can also be used in a number of different ways. Add them to smoothies, sauces, cereal mixes, porridge, decorate cakes with them or make chia jam like we’ve done in the recipe below!

Chia Raspberry Jam Recipe

Chia Jam is excellent on pancakes, toast or porridge and it’s so simple to make – requiring just 4 ingredients, 1 bowl and 10 minutes of your time. We used our Freeze Dried Raspberries in this recipe but there are so many of our berries you could try – like Strawberries, Cranberries or Lingonberries!


Freeze Dried Fruit Powders 

Our Freeze Dried Fruit Powders have the intense flavour and colour of the fruit so they are the perfect natural sweetener. Add them to smoothies, protein shakes, baked goods, porridges or simply add hot water to the powder like we’ve done in the recipe below and you’ve got a hot fruit tea!

Strawberry Tea Recipe

It’s recipes like this that help create that summer feeling when the weather isn’t quite delivering enough sunshine! Other fruit teas to try would be apple, blueberry and cranberry!


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