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Nearly all the products we sell are vegan friendly. With the surge in popularity of the vegan diet we are getting lots of questions at the moment about our products being suitable for vegans. Everything we sell except our whey powders, a few of our milk and white chocolates and our bee pollen are vegan friendly.  Check out why we would pass any Vegan accreditation but why we don’t sign up for dietary accreditations in our blog post here!

Our delicious Vegan Coconut Milk Powders are back in stock this week. Unlike most coconut milk powders they do not contain sodium caseinate (from milk) which means they are suitable for vegans. They are also two of our most versatile products and can be used in so many different ways for adding dairy free creaminess to savoury dishes such as soups, curries and risottos to delicious sweet treats like ice cream, fudge, truffles and chia pots!

Hot Drinks
We have a great selection of nutritious hot drinks using our coconut milk powders to add that dairy free creaminess without the dairy! Our mixes are easy to make, you just need to add hot water and they include delicious and nutritious ingredients like Natural Cocoa Powder, Turmeric and Green Tea.

Porridge Mixes
Our range of Gourmet Porridge and Boost Porridge Mixes all contain Coconut Milk Powder for that dairy free creaminess. We recently launched our Creamy Coconut Milk Porridge which is naturally sweetened with mulberries. The idea with this mix is that you can add your favourite toppings and create your own unique bowl of refined sugar and dairy free porridge that is naturally sweet and creamy.


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