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Un-Tuna Sushi

Sometimes it’s nice to have something versatile to hand… for a sandwich filling, to top a jacket potato, to fill a wrap or a mini sushi style roll.

The sushi roll is just one option, the seaweed gives it the ‘sea’ flavour hence the ‘un-tuna’ title! You could add some seaweed sprinkles or powder to the filling if not using seaweed wrap.  You could of course also add other spices and flavours to suit your own dish.

The cashew butter in this recipe gives a great dairy-free creaminess that is thicker and richer than using a non-dairy yoghurt.

Recipe: Un-Tuna Sushi

Serves 1 (just under one cups worth) you can easily double or triple it up.


½ cup cooked chick peas

1-2 tbs cashew butter mixed with 1 tbs boiling water

1 tbs finely chopped onion

1 tbs finely chopped cucumber

¼ tsp garlic salt

Black pepper to taste

A sprinkling of chopped fresh dill (optional)

Handful of cooked sweet corn kernels

Seaweed wrap or tortilla wrap (GF) to serve, you could also serve as a jacket potato filling.


Cook and roughly mash the chickpeas in a small bowl. Add the cashew butter and mix/mash through evenly.

Add all remaining ingredients and mix through to coat.

Spoon into a wrap to serve. If using a sushi wrap, roll tightly and seal the edge before cutting into segments.

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