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Our Super Nutritious Acai, Maqui & Blueberry Purple Berry Blend

Packed with vitamin A, antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties a serving of our delicious new Purple Blend powder combines all the nutritional goodness of our excellent Acai and Maqui berry powders with sumptuously sweet Blueberry to power you through the day. 


Delicious and convenient, our Purple Berry Blend combines all our favourite ingredients in one easy powder mix. Simply add hot water or blend into your smoothies and juices.

Packed with our antioxidant and vitamin boosting purple berry ingredients, it’s got equal parts acai powdermaqui powder and blueberry powder. The maqui and blueberry powder add a gentle sweetness to the blend and help balance out any tartness and earthy flavour of the acai powder.

All three powders are freeze dried. This process removes the moisture from the fruit without cooking it which means the natural colour, flavour and nutrients of the fruit is preserved.


With all the ingredients in one pack you can simply add a teaspoon to your favourite juice and smoothie blends, porridgegranolano bake bars, chia pots and yoghurt.  If you want to make a meal of it, mix it up with our whey protein powders or our plant proteins. Sold in resealable bags to keep with you, wherever and whenever you need it.

Blend 2 frozen sliced bananas, 1 heaped teaspoon purple berry blend and your choice of milk (add more for a smoothie and less for thicker consistency for the smoothie bowl) Serve straight away and enjoy!


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