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Organic Herbs and Spices at Fantastic Prices added to Our Range

Our latest arrivals are sure to brighten up your kitchen with their vibrant colours, flavours and aromas! We now have 26 new high quality, organic herbs and spices! Stock up on some kitchen staples like spicy chilli powder, ground ginger, ground coriander and black peppercorns at excellent prices!  We offer them in great value 250g packs or our excellent 1kg big packs for all your catering needs.

Add a spicy kick to your fajitas, chilli con carne or even hot chocolate with our chilli powder or cayenne pepper, liven up a soup with the addition of garam masala or add a dash of ginger to your morning bowl of oats or smoothie – the options are endless! Our ground spices are convenient to use, they create layers of flavour in a dish and some of them add a beautiful colour to a dish (colour rice with a touch of turmeric!)
Our ground spices are rich in vitamins and minerals and have many claimed health benefits – one more reason to love spices!


Organic Garam Masala £3.49 for 250g, 1kg £10.99 | Organic Smoked Paprika £5.99 for 250g, 1kg £22.99

Take our Tropical Pineapple Baked Oatmeal recipe to the next level by adding a spot of cardamom! If you enjoy breaking away from the mainstream drinks, give our Creamy Spiced Pumpkin Mug a go!

Whole Spices are ideal when you wish to infuse the flavour of a spice into a dish, drink or dessert without changing the texture or colour of it. Try using star anise in rice pudding, whole cloves in mulled wine, cardamom pods in panna cotta or coriander seeds in curry.

 Organic Star Anise £3.99 for 250g, 1kg £14.99 | Organic Whole Cloves £5.99 for 250g, 1kg £19.99

                                           A Fan of nutmeg? Try our recipe for Banana Bread Breakfast Cup Cakes

Our High Quality, 100% Organic Range of Dried Herbs should be staples in your kitchen cupboard. Not just because they pack a punch in terms of flavour and aroma but because they are incredibly convenient. Grab a 250g or 1kg bag of our flavoursome herbs!

Organic Thyme £4.99 for 250g, 1kg £17.99 | Organic Parsley £7.99 for 250g, 1kg £26.99

Looking for a recipe to try use our dried herbs in? Try making these Herbed Chickpea Sausages using our Organic Mixed Herbs or our Creamy Summer Risotto with our organic Rosemary.

Save yourself the tears and grab a bag of onion powder or kibbled onions or fill up your grinder with a bag of our whole black peppercorns. These kitchen essentials can be used in so many dishes like stews, soups and marinades!

 Organic Ground Black Peppercorns £4.79 for 250g, 1kg £17.99 | Organic Onion Powder £3.49 for 250g 1kg £11.99

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