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Tropical Green Smoothie with our Coconut Water Powder & Coconut Oil

Our coconut water powder is great for rehydration and being in powder form has long shelf life and is super versatile to have in the cupboard whenever you need it.  Here the coconut oil creates a creamy texture without adding an obvious flavour so the greens and pineapple/banana speak for themselves.

The coconut oil offers a super smooth consistency even with kale, however if you don’t have a high powered blender you may prefer to substitute spinach which isn’t so fibrous for the best texture.

Recipe: Tropical Green Smoothie

Serves 1-2


2 cups coconut water (made using our coconut water powder)

2 cups packed kale

2 tbs melted coconut oil

¾ cup pineapple chunks or 1 large banana.


Blend everything together until as smooth as possible.

You could add ice for immediate chill. This will be thicker so a little extra water may be needed.

Chill to serve.


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