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Back to School Healthy Snack Box Inspiration

We are well into the new school term here in Scotland and have been creating lots of nutritious snack boxes for our kids school bags each day.  Most schools have a no nut policy so we create our own boxes for our kids with our dried fruits, seeds and sometimes a few chocolate drops for an added treat.

We also know how small supermarket snack packs can be expensive and increase the amount of packaging your household generates. We sell bulk quantities of high quality dried fruits, seeds and chocolate drops at excellent price.  With their long shelf life you can buy your favourite ones and create your own unique mixes that will see you through to Christmas! You can easily make a good sized nutritious snack box for less than 20p by buying in bulk.

Check out our kids favourite combinations for ideas below!

Create your own Tropical Mix by mixing our Mango Strips with our NEW organic Banana ChipsJumbo Flame Raisins and Toasted Coconut Chips! Our big jumbo juicy flame raisins (twice as big as your standard raisin) are always a winner with our kids!

Organic Banana Chips 500g for £3.25 ,1kg for £5.99 | Jumbo Flame Raisins 1kg for £4.99 4kg for £18.99

For a burst of fruity flavours combine our Apple Infused Blueberries and Cranberries with our crunchy, nutrient dense Pumpkin Seeds.  Our littlest can be fussy about eatings seeds but by mixing them with these fruits the box always comes back empty!

Apple Infused Blueberries 1kg for £19.99 2kg for £39.49 | Organic Pumpkin Seeds 1kg for £9.49 5kg for £39.99

Try pairing our Dried Figs with Dried Apple Slices and Dried Unsulphured Apricots. These three big dried fruits are naturally very sweet, chewy and moreish, they are also great to fill up on and a favourite with our kids before swimming.

Organic Whole Figs 1kg for £8.89 5kg £40.99 | Apple Slices 1kg for £5.99

Organic Unsulphured Apricots 1kg for £5.49 | Organic Chopped Dates 1kg for £5.89

Our kids LOVE chocolate so we try to give them the best, simplest chocolate we can without all the nasties.  Our kids like dark chocolate drops but we know many kids will only eat milk chocolate so we’ve added a bunch of new milk chocolate drop options to our range. A favourite mix is our milk chocolate drops with our juicy Sultanas and nutrient dense organic Sunflower Seeds.  Alternatively, if you are looking for a nutritious milk chocolate made without dairy, try breaking up our Coconut Milk Chocolate Couverture Slab which is a fantastic nutritious, creamy chocolate alternative.

Grand Cru 46% Milk Chocolate Drops 1kg for £11.79 |Organic Sunflower Seeds 1kg for £3.59 5kg for £14.99

Sultanas 1kg for £3.79 | Coconut Milk Chocolate Slab 195g (2 x standard choc bar size) £4.99

A great value, highly nutritious snack is our pop corn. It takes just 5 minutes to make and good options to sprinkle on top for the kids are a teaspoon of our freeze dried 100% blueberry or strawberry powders to naturally sweeten. For a sticky option add a touch of our new organic maple syrup which is so moreish! Alternatively keep it natural and add to a mix with our freeze dried fruits or dried cherries. Pick up a 1kg bag of our Organic Butterfly Popcorn for just £3.25!

Tag us on instagram (@realfoodsource) with your snack box mix favourites! We love seeing what combinations of ingredients you enjoy eating together!
Happy Mixing and Snacking!





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