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The First Date Sweetened Chocolate?

We love our nutritious chocolate innovations here at the RealFoodSource so we are super excited to launch our delicious chocolate naturally sweetened with organic dates. Thats right, just dried date, no refined sugars at all!  We believe we are the first to do this.

Back at the beginning of 2013 we decided it would be awesome to sweeten chocolate with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar that filled the marketplace and launched our Organic Coconut Sugar Sweetened Dark Chocolate.  Later that year we were the first to come up with the idea of using our coconut milk powder to produce a nutritious, creamy vegan friendly milk chocolate and launched the UK’s first Coconut Milk Chocolate.  Many have followed us since then and it’s been great to see so many coconut chocolates on the market.  We believe chocolate is at it’s very best when it’s made simply with the best, nutritious ingredients!

Since then chocolate has continued to be our fun journey.  We don’t sell a lot of it, or indeed make money selling it, but we absolutely love eating it and we want to make the very best chocolate with our ingredients to make it as healthy as we possibly can. Part of this drive is because we know our kids will always eat healthy ingredients if they are covered or encased in good chocolate! In our new Innovation kitchen this year we now create our Coconut Milk (57% Cocoa) Chocolate, our unique Organic Whey Milk Chocolate with 20% Protein (55% Cocoa)and our new Date Sweetened 70% Dark Chocolate.  We’ve also been covering our favourite nutritious nuts and fruits in our Organic Coconut Sugar sweetened Chocolate that we launched back in 2013 and we’ve also been making decadent sharing slabs full of many of our favourite ingredients that are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  You will find all our RealFoodSource handmade creations in our nutri chocolate range here on our website. We’ve also created some decadent nutri bars with pistachio and coconut chips and almond and cranberry for Christmas! We make our chocolate available in cost effective chunky ^200g and 500g slabs so we can offer the very best value and so you don’t feel you need to eat the entire bar in one sitting (though some customers do!).  Our pure chocolate slabs are couverture so you can also melt them down and use them for a protein chocolate, mylk chocolate or cane sugar free chocolate in your nutritious baking or fondues. Our slabs are also perfect for sharing at the end of a meal or breaking up for lunchboxes.  As we do with everything we sell, packaging is minimal and we don’t spend money on expensive packaging, designs or marketing, the investment is in the amazing chocolate and other ingredients in the pack!

Our new date chocolate has a lovely flavour that is intense with subtle floral notes from the Ecuadorian Single Origin cocoa mass and a hint of caramel from the date.  Although not as smooth as our other chocolates the date works magically with the single origin Ecuadorian arriba cocoa, nutritionally sweetening the bar without the strong flavour of date. Dates are packed full of fibre and a plethora of different essential nutrients making them a great sweetener for this unique chocolate.  Grab it here! We hope you love our date sweetened chocolate as much as we do!

Our chocolate journey is a fun work in progress and we’d love to hear feedback on how we are doing.  If you’d love us to create something or tell us how we can do things better just drop us a line at our contact us here!


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