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Did you know we currently stock 8 gluten free flours that are not made from nuts? They are not your standard gluten free flours stocked by most supermarkets as we want our flour range to be as inclusive but also, as nutritious as possible. Read on to find out about these nutritious flours and how to use them, we’ve got a heap of recipe ideas, we include our recipe for Banana Bread and Healthy Chocolate Coconut Fudge!  Plus, keep an eye on our recipe pages over the next few months for lots more recipes – we’ll be adding pizza, keto bread rolls, flat breads, hemp flour breads and more!  We love our nutritious flours!

Our Organic Chickpea Flour (also known as gram flour, garbanzo flour and besan) is an excellent gluten free, high protein (21g per 100g), high fibre (13.8g per 100g) alternative to flour and excellent for savoury dishes. The flour is made by milling organic dried chickpeas into a fine flour.

Chickpea flour can be used to make pizzas, flatbreads, tacos, dumplings, fritters, breads and for thickening curries. We used it to bind our Veggie Pine Nut Squares

We know the name can be misleading but Tiger nuts aren’t nuts but instead a small, root vegetables. Our Organic Tiger Nut Flour is made from milled tiger nuts. This high fibre (15.5g per 100g)
flour has a slightly course texture and is suitable for many types of gluten/grain free diets.

As tiger nut flour has a high content of natural sugars, it is the perfect ingredient in desserts, pastries and baked goods like flapjacks. Try it in our Banana Nut Loaf for a lovely dense, moist and chewy gluten free banana bread loaf!

Our delicious, gluten free Oat Flour is made from oats grown here in the UK. Oat flour is low in fat and an excellent source of fibre (9.3g per 100g)

It has a naturally sweet, nutty flavour and is excellent for cake baking, muffins, breads and biscuits or a simple, super smooth porridge.

Add a wonderful coconut flavour to gluten free bakes with Our Organic Coconut Flour. A little bit of this flour goes a long way as it absorbs a lot of liquid in recipes so make sure to follow recipes closely or to follow the rule of using 15-25% in place of other fours in most standard non gluten free recipes.
Coconut is high in fibre (39g per 100g) with a fairly low carbohydrate content (21g per 100g)

Use coconut flour in gluten free baking like muffins and cakes. We love it in our Healthy Chocolate Coconut Fudge

But wait… there are FOUR more! If the other flours don’t suit your cooking and baking needs then perhaps these four will!

Organic Quinoa Flour 1kg ~ £6.29 | Organic Amaranth Flour 1kg ~ £6.99

Organic Hemp Flour 1kg ~ £4.49 | Organic Buckwheat Flour 1kg ~ £4.10


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