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Our Nut Range & Roasting Nuts

Whilst we sell roasted almonds and cashews, in our opinion nothing can beat a freshly roasted nut for its rich flavour, snap and aroma! Roasting nuts deepens their flavour and releases more of that delicious nuttiness we know and love. For some nuts, such as blanched almonds they also become more visually appealing for adding to dishes.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a Nut Roasting Guide. Here we share roasting times, tips and temperatures for roasting our different nuts from pine nuts to our macadamias and nut mixes!

Our guide also includes photos of roasted and unroasted nuts so you know what to look for! We also share storage tips and what dishes you can add them to if you manage to resist eating them straight from the oven!

Roasting – A Tip For Reducing Food Waste
We are proud to be a zero food waste company and one of our drives this year is to help our customers drive down food waste. If you haven’t stored your nuts in an airtight container once you’ve opened them or you just would like an extra crunchy nut then try roasting them. It’s the perfect way to transform a bag of nuts that have been hiding at the back of the cupboard! (You can also do this with seeds too). This will give them the crunch you’re looking for!

Whilst we recommend roasting whole nuts or halves, it’s also possible to roast our nut pieces. You just need to shorten the roasting time and watch them closely to check the smaller pieces don’t burn.

You could try this with our new great value Chilean Walnut Pieces and Organic Cashew Nut Pieces! The Walnut Pieces start at just £5.99 for 500g and the Cashew Pieces start at £6.79 for 500g!

Jazz up a stir fry or porridge with these pieces. Use the walnut pieces in a Waldorf salad or blend up the nuts and create your own nut milks or nut butters!

Keen to try your hand at roasting nuts but you’re not wanting to break the bank? This is another reason we’re introducing our 500g pack sizes. Now you can experiment with new products and stay within your food budget. Get a 500g bag of Almonds for £5.45, Pine Nuts for £9.79 or Macadamias for £12.99!

Browse our full range of Whole Nuts, Pieces & Flakes here and get roasting! Stay tuned for more guides on how to make nut butters and nut milks!  We are nuts for nuts here at RealFoodSource!



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