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Easter Baking Spices & New Nutritious Chocolate Treats

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a great time to let you know about some fragrant new spices you can use in your Easter baking and tasty new nutritious chocolate products we’ve been making.  Wanting to avoid the Easter chocolate snacking? We offer excellent value nutritious snack alternatives to fill you up! Plus, to beat the Brexit blues don’t forget we are offering FREE UK Shipping over £35 for a limited period!

Cinnamon is the primary spice used in Hot Cross Buns so add this is to your basket if you are baking this Easter! You can break the sticks up slightly and put them in a grinder like you would salt or alternatively get a bag of our Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon. Infuse the cinnamon quills into cream or milk being used for ice creams or cream based desserts, hot drinks (think Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolate!) or porridge.


Allspice is a great addition to sweet dishes such as gingerbread, cookies, baked apple desserts and hot spiced cider.

If the barbeque makes it way out over the holidays, it is also an essential ingredient for Jamaican Jerk seasoning and it can be used in stews, curries, marinades or added to vegetables prior to roasting.


Try our new nutritious dark coconut sugar chocolate cinnamon dusted almonds. Our organic almonds are encased in our unique dark chocolate that is just Dominican Republic 67% dark cocoa simply sweetened with coconut sugar, a much healthier alternative to cane sugar loaded chocolate.  Coconut sugar is considered to have a much lower glycemic index than cane sugar and has many micronutrients. We also use the best Ceylon cinnamon to dust that has many claimed health benefits. The perfect Easter spiced nutritious chocolate treat for sharing!


Alternatively, if you are looking for a more naturally sweet, rich treat, try our chewy chopped figs encased in our unique organic dark coconut sugar chocolate. They are simply, awesome!

Looking for a value nutritious snack that stops you reaching for another piece of Easter egg? Our organic raw European almonds are high in protein, fibre and are an excellent source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E. At just £12.79 a kilo you can fill your snack box again and again over the holidays.  It’s amazing how a handful of almonds can fill you up for hours. If you want a richer taste pop them in your oven to roast (see our Nut Roasting guide here).

We also offer our conventional 1kg of almonds for just £9.89! These almonds come from the USA or Australia and offer an even better value alternative.  We offer both organic and conventional options on many of our most popular items because we know eating organic can be expensive and we want to make healthy eating accessible for everyone.  We are not driven by profit and guarantee we will always offer the lowest price on the best quality foods year round, no discount codes ever needed!

Incase you missed it, for a limited time to beat the Brexit blues, as of 5pm on 29-03-19 we introduced FREE UK shipping on orders over £35!



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