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NEW Ghanaian Dried Fruit & Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Earlier this year we shared with you how we brought in the New Year in beautiful, colourful Ghana. We visited some amazing cocoa plantations and ate the most delicious dried Ghanaian fruits. One of our goals for 2019 is to add more amazing products from source so we’re super excited to launch the first delicious dried fruit products that have arrived from Ghana. Plus, read on… we’ve now sourced our delicious, versatile Vegan Coconut Milk Powder in Organic form!

For a truly tropical snack or the most flavoursome baking ingredient and natural sweetener, we present our Ghanaian dried pineapple! The chewy texture and sweet tropical pineapple taste is a delight for the tastebuds, just 100% pineapple with no added nasties. A 100% fruit option for kids, our children love them! Choose from whole Pineapple Rings 500g for £6.99 or Pineapple Pieces 500g for £5.99!

Our excellent new Ghanian Dried Banana Pieces are a tasty, chewy and nutritious snack loaded with fibre (10g per 100g!) and potassium. Think banana jerky – the chewy bite-size pieces are rich in flavour and are a fantastic energy-boosting addition, add to trail mixes for that big outdoor adventure! They are also a great switch up for dates, add to energy bars and balls to naturally sweeten.  Grab 500g for £5.99

NEW to our no bake cake mix SMOOSH range is our Tasty Banana Bread Smoosh which smooshes up just two ingredients – dried banana and coconut from Ghana! Our kids love our new smoosh and with no nuts they love smooshing into balls and shapes for their school snack box. You can also crumble over porridge or blend into smoothies for the perfect banana flavour and cane sugar free natural, nutritious sweetener! Add 200g to your basket for £2.69.

We were the first company to work with our supplier to source a true Vegan Coconut Milk Powder in the UK in 2013. We now bring you the organic version of this great tasting, convenient product we love. Choose from our Organic High Oil Coconut Milk Powder 1kg for £12.99 or our Organic Low Oil Coconut Milk Powder 1kg for £10.99. Delicious, convenient and so versatile, it’s a vegan staple (check out our Coconut Milk Recipe ebook for everything from smoothies to truffles, cheesecake to ice cream, soup and more!).

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