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Simple Ways to Nutri Boost your Meals!

We all know our bodies need nutrients from our food to function well.  We also know life can sometimes just be too busy for making a meal or baking from scratch, or even having time to buy the fresh ingredients we want to eat!

Our solution? NUTRI BOOSTING…we decant our favourite nutrient loaded wholefoods into jars and keep them on the dinner table or in the kitchen cupboard where we grab the foods and condiments we use daily.  That way we see them regularly (they are not hiding in a bag at the back of the cupboard) so we are much more likely to grab them when we are busy to add the nutrients to whatever we are eating.  Here are our favourites with ideas of how to quickly NUTRI BOOST!

How can I easily incorporate Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds into my meals?
With their neutral, nutty flavour and crunchy texture you can simply sprinkle them on whatever you are eating from an unhealthy microwave meal to a healthy salad to peanut butter or smashed avocados on toast as we’ve done below

How can I easily incorporate Shelled Hemp Seeds into my meals?
Shelled hemp seeds are soft so they go great on porridge and mix in easily to stews and soups, quite often you forget they are even there! They can even be mixed into yoghurts and puddings! We sneaked in hemp seeds to many of our kids meals when they were younger and were fussy with some textures. They also go great on softer textured foods like scrambled eggs or tofu as we show below. Alternatively when you need a rice or cous cous type side but don’t have time to cook, shelled hemp can can be used as a cold side option straight from the jar. Grabbing that quick microwave curry because you’ve no time? Simply pair with some hemp seeds to nutrient boost!


How can I easily incorporate Cashews into my meals?
Eat straight from the jar as a go to snack or finish off a stir fry (homemade or shop bought!) as we’ve done here.  Pop them into salads and stews or blitz in a smoothie for an extra creamy finish.


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