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Creating your favourite dishes at home is so much easier when your pantry is well stocked. That’s why we’ve brought down the prices on more of our products, so you have the staples you need to create your favourite meals or so you can simply have some of your favourite snacks to enjoy whilst out and about this summer!

3 of our 1kg High-Quality Muria Honeys from Spain are available for just £7.99! Choose from 3 different flavours, Orange BlossomEucalyptus or Rosemary!

Try our Tiger Nut Crunch Recipe using the honey as the sweetener and enjoy a wonderful grain-free granola in the morning!

Our Organic EU Hemp Flour is on promotion for just £1.99 for 1kg as it has a before date of 06/19. If the Best Before date concerns you, we’d like to add that as our products are non-perishable, they have best-before dates as an indication of quality. Whereas products that will go ‘off’ will display an expiry date of when the product should not be consumed after. You can read more on that here in our blog post

Our creamy Organic White Chocolate & Vanilla Drops are available for a limited time only at £9.99 for 1kg! These silky smooth drops with a sweet Madagascan vanilla flavour are incredibly more-ish so perhaps pick up more than one bag!

If you’re a dark chocolate fan you’ll be happy to hear our Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate Drops are down from £10.49 to £8.69 for 1kg!

New to our range are the succulently sweet Deglet Nour Dates! Snack on them straight from the bag or recreate our ‘Ferrero Rocher’ style bites! Add a 1kgbag to your cart for only £4.95!

Delicious and nutritious Canihua is available at the low price of £6.99 for 1kg! In our opinion, Canihua is even better than Quinoa as there is no need to rinse it and it doesn’t have that slightly bitter taste Quinoa can have.

We’ve used this grain-like seed to make a simple salad bowl here. Canihua has a nutty flavour and you can easily substitute rice or couscous with it. Add more protein, fibre, iron, zinc and calcium to your diet with this great ingredient!

Brazil Nut flakes 1kg have dropped to £11.99 and our 1kg Organic Crispy Buckwheat to £3.99! Both make perfect cereal, porridge or smoothie bowl toppers!

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