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Vanilla is back!

Pure Madagascan Vanilla Powder is back and it’s smelling good! Produced from grinding the whole pods it is a rich, dark brown colour and perfect for imparting that delicious vanilla flavour into dishes, baked goods and hot drinks!

There are so many ways to use Vanilla Powder. Vanilla powder is expensive but a little goes a very long way. Add a spot to your homemade nut milk, swirl into some decadent but healthy Vanilla Choc Swirl Fudge, bake it into some Almond Quinoa Cookies or create your own Sugar-Free Vanilla & Cinnamon Nut Butters. The options are endless!

If you’re trying to cut down or cut out sugar, nut butter can really help you curb those sugar cravings. We’ve shared two easy recipes using our cashew nut paste as the base that are flavoured with Vanilla and Cinnamon or Cocoa! 

We’ve dropped the prices on so many of our products. Read on to see a select few we think you may like!

3 of our wonderful cold pressed, unrefined Beauty Range oils have been reduced in price! Check out all our nourishing oils here

Dried Fruits Fans, check out our Raw Banana Bread Smoosh 200g for only £1.99 and Our Organic Whole Figs 1kg for just £7.89

Grab this snacking duo for just £17.80! If you portion out 50g snack pack using these juicy cranberries and rich tasting hazelnuts, it would cost you just 45p a portion! Cranberries 1kg are down to £7.95 and Organic Whole Hazelnuts 1kg are down to £9.85 

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