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A New Zero Waste, Wimbledon Inspired Smoosh!

Looking for a snack to enjoy whilst taking in the tennis?
Our new Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Smoosh will get you in the summery Wimbledon mood with its refreshing sweet strawberry, creamy coconut and white chocolate flavour!

Our Strawberries ‘n’ Cream smooshes up 6 simple ingredients
–  Freeze-dried Strawberries, Gluten Free Porridge Oats, Almonds, White Vanilla Chocolate Drops, Coconut Cream and Agave Syrup.

We’ve used the best nutritional real food ingredients, we do not cheap out on what we put in our smooshes. The strawberry flavour comes from only freeze-dried strawberries – these are 100% strawberries so no artificial flavourings are used at all. The ‘cream’ flavour comes from the addition of coconut cream which also has no additives or extra ingredients – just 100% creamed coconut that is full of goodness! The white chocolate chips contain vanilla powder which adds a wonderful true vanilla aroma.

With the addition of almonds, oats and agave syrup, this is a wholesome treat to enjoy whilst playing a game of tennis or whilst watching a game on the TV from your couch.  

The beauty of our smoosh is that it is such a versatile product – sprinkle on smoothie bowls and yoghurt, add a little coconut oil and smoosh into bliss balls and energy bars, mix it into a homemade chia pudding or try a smoothie as we do here! Blend this Smoosh mixture with your choice of milk for a creamy strawberry smoothie. The options for including this fruity mix into your meals are endless! And at just £2.99, in a fully biodegradable bag, it’s an easy add to your basket!

One of the aims of SMOOSH is to use up our extra RealFoodSource stock so we can continue to be a Zero Food Waste company (we have been Zero Food Waste since we started in 2011 and many companies are now following our lead). Food waste is a major contributor to climate change. Each time we pack a product, like almonds for example, at the end of the packing session we’re sometimes left with an amount that’s too small to pack. With SMOOSH, we are able to use up these small remains so they don’t go to waste! 80% of the RealFoodSource bagged range is also now in clear biodegradable bags so it’s a no brainer our new Smooshes are packed in these too!

Fancy making your own bliss balls or date bars? Then our Medjool dates are what you need! They are deliciously sweet with a slight caramel flavour. Being so soft and succulent makes them ideal for blending into bliss balls or bars. Just remember to remove the pips first!

Alternatively eat them straight out the bag or filled with a little nut butter or a pecan, cashew or two for a decadent treat. They also make a delicious accompaniment to cheese!
We are offering our Medjool dates in 5kg pack at £43.99 or 1kg for £9.95!


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