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Beautiful Red Berries Savings

The holidays are here. For an even brighter summer, we bring you a few of our favourite red berry recipes and savings!
These red berries will add a splash of colour and top nutrition to your day.  We have fantastic savings to be made on our gojis, raspberries and strawberries!

Goji berries contain all essential amino acids and they have the highest protein concentration of any fruit, making them an excellent addition to your diet. Unlike many of the goji berries out there, our gojis are free from the preservative sulphur dioxide. We love mixing them into trail mixes, pairing them with baobab powder for an immune-boosting goji tea and blending them into a Goji Spiced Smoothie

Fruit, Dairy-Free Based Nice Cream
For a fruity and refreshing finish to your meal, try blending goji berries into your own healthy homemade nice cream!

Our organic freeze dried raspberries from the best, sweet, ripe organic raspberries. Freeze dried fruit products look expensive but 10 kilos of organic raspberries are used to make 1 kilo of freeze dried raspberries so a 100 gram bag has 1 kilos of organic raspberry goodness just without the water content! Freeze drying also preserves the natural colour, shape and goodness of the fruit making them a great pantry staple – dip in whenever you need to add that delicious raspberry flavour and nutrition to your dishes and drinks!

Naturally Sweetened Jam
Chia Jam is excellent on pancakes, toast or porridge and it’s so simple to make – it requires just 4 ingredients, 1 bowl and 10 minutes of your time. It’s a healthy alternative to store-bought jam too as it only contains natural sugars from the fruit! We used our freeze dried Raspberries in this recipe but there are so many of our berries you could try – StrawberriesCranberries or Blueberries!

Light & Refreshing Energy-Boosting Smoothie
With all of the energy MCT oil has to offer, including it in your morning smoothie is a must! We’ve combined MCT oil with raspberry and beetroot for a vibrant and tasty smoothie.

Our delicious freeze dried strawberry slices from 100% sweet, ripe strawberries are perfect for adding to your cereal, smoothies or adding to overnight oats like we’ve done below! As we mentioned above, freeze drying removes the water from the fruit and 100g is equivalent to about 1kg of fresh strawberries so our 100g bag will last you longer than you’d expect.

A Quick Summertime Breakfast
Our 3 seed strawberry overnight oats recipe packs a punch in terms of nutritional goodness! The 3 seeds are great sources of fibre, protein, essential fatty acids, omega 3, protein and antioxidants. Our freeze-dried strawberries add a lovely sweetness and colour to the oats. Whip these up in just 2 minutes and you can enjoy them at home in the morning or prepare them in an airtight container and you can enjoy them on the run!

Natural, Edible Body Scrub
Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and acidic in nature which make them deeply nourishing and revitalising for your skin. This homemade body scrub is so simple and effective for your skin. The great thing about making your own body scrub is that you know exactly what goes into it, no preservatives or fillers are needed and you can relax even more know exactly what’s going onto your skin.

Homemade Beauty – A Way to Also Reduce Food Waste
As a zero food waste company we are always looking at ways to share ideas for using up our products.  There’s nothing worse we can think of than our products going in our customers waste! As freeze dried fruits can become soft within a few hours of opening if the bag is not sealed properly, this scrub can be a great way to use up any softened freeze dried fruit. Freeze dried fruits also make great face masks and bath bombs. Alternatively simply blend into your smoothies. We always want to encourage customers to minimise their food waste which makes this is a great recipe to keep on hand.

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