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Our New Biodegradable Bags

Back in December last year, we started the process of replacing our green non-recyclable bags and our clear recyclable bags with our new biodegradable bag. The majority of our products are now packed into these bags and we are very happy with our progress in reducing our impact on the environment!  

We say the majority of our products are in biodegradable bags and this is because some of our products come already prepacked in recyclable but not biodegradable packaging. We are continuously working on moving more of our products over to our biodegradable ones. 

The biodegradable bags are food safe and compliant with EU standards. The bags are made with an additive that provides a means for rendering conventional plastics degradable and ultimately biodegradable, within a reasonable and controlled time-frame 

The advantage of these bags is they can be thrown in the regular rubbish bin and the bag will degrade in a landfill environment and ultimately take up less landfill space. Or they can be placed in your local plastic recycling bin after removing the label.  

We are always working to improve our business for people and planet. Whilst we know some customers miss our resealable green bags – the fact that they weren’t biodegradable or even recyclable simply meant we needed to make the switch.  If you’re interested in other steps we are taking daily to reduce, reuse and recycle, please read our other blog post here 

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