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Easy Quinoa Summer Salads

Whilst summer is still here, you may find yourself in need of some easy summer salads you can whip up at the start of the week and then tuck into whenever you need. We’ve shared two of our favourites using the nutritious pseudocereal quinoa as the base.

Quinoa is considered a good source of vegetable protein with an average of 16% protein. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and iron. This makes it a no-brainer as a base for salads. We’ve shared two simple quinoa based salads that can be enjoyed as is or as an accompaniment to your favourite protein – from fish to roast chicken to falafel with hummus

mint feta pea quinoa salad

It’s really easy to make both of these salads in bulk and eat them throughout the week for lunch. Creating big salads like this to dip in and out of can help you save money and reduce your plastic usage if you’re someone who usually heads out for a takeaway lunch. An added bonus!

At just £4.99 for 1kg, this nutritious pseudocereal will become a staple in your home – and not just for salads. Use Quinoa in place of couscous or rice and pair it with stews, curries and casseroles if autumn rolls around and you haven’t used it all up on salads.

Our pumpkin seeds and pine nuts make excellent additions to both salads as they add a wonderful crunch and up the overall protein content of the dish! Grab a 1kg bag of organic pumpkin seeds for just £8.95 and 500g of pine nuts for £14.99!

Our Roasted Almond Coconut Butter delivers the amazing taste of almond butter with the added flavour of creamy coconut! It has a wonderful smooth and runny texture making it ideal for drizzling over dishes or for making sauces. It would work well as a replacement for peanut butter in this Satay Sauce Recipe It combines just 4 ingredients : roasted almonds (81.4%), creamed coconut (15%), agave (3.3%) and a touch of salt! Add this delicious almond butter 1kg tub to your basket for just £9.99!

What summer salads do you enjoy making using our different grains, nuts and seeds? Tag us Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – we’d love to see your creations!


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