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We’re passionate about making healthy eating affordable for everyone, that’s why we started the company back in 2011. With that passion comes a promise to you to always offer you the best possible prices on our products.

We keep our prices and margins very low and we aim to offer the very best prices in the first instance. More details of our simple lowest pricing is explained in our blog post here.

We’re offering you a limited time special on our 1kg bags of cashew nut pieces for just £7.49!

Fill your basket with a few of your key kitchen ingredients (like we’ve done with a simple porridge base below) and then fill a basket with products of the same quality and variety from other companies.
We believe our total checkout price will be less when compared to other companies, even after discount codes have been applied. If it’s not, let us know and we will work on trying to change it!

When comparing products, please remember that our coconut milk powder is organic and vegan-friendly and our oats are gluten-free.

For a quick and easy breakfast, mix together our oatschiacoconut milk powder and your choice of fruit. If you follow the recipe below using 1/2 cup of oats, you will get 22 portions of porridge. At the basket cost of £17.89, that’s just 81p per breakfast. And you’ll have plenty of chia seeds left over to make chia puddingjam, and smoothies


We added our freeze-dried strawberries to the porridge above but go for any dried fruit you fancy – from Our Dried Chopped Apricots to our Chopped Dates.

Prefer a cold breakfast in the summer? Try our overnight oats recipe here

We haven’t only been working on offering you the best possible prices but also switching our product packaging from recyclable bags to biodegradable bags. The majority of our products are now in these bags and we are very happy with our progress in reducing our impact on the environment! For more information, read here.

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