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We’ve often spoken about how adding nuts and seeds to your diet can be greatly beneficial as they are very nutritious foods. But what’s also important for us, is making these nutritious foods affordable for everyone. We don’t want to hark on and on about the protein content and vitamins and then present them to you at an exorbitant price!

Offering you the best possible price will always (and has always been) our main driver behind our business. That’s why we’re excited to tell about 4 new offers this week!

Pumpkin Seeds make a great alternative crouton – try toasting them in the oven for an extra crunch before sprinkling them on salads and soups! We’re offering these new organic grade AA pumpkin seeds in 2kg bags for just £9.99. If you’re looking for a protein-dense seed (30% protein!) at an excellent price – try these!

Our latest offer on our almond products are our Sliced Almonds, also know as Flaked Almonds. Get muesli-making with these great almonds for just £8.45 for 1kg!


A fan of walnuts? As always, we’re offering our best possible prices on our chilean walnut halves and pieces!

New to our recipe section, is this delicious moist Pineapple & Carrot Loaf. It’s the perfect recipe for those who love carrot cake but need to avoid gluten and dairy. It’s also got our dried pineapple in it for some extra flavour and natural sweetness.

Top off the loaf with a creamy dairy free icing which uses our cashew nut pieces (currently just £7.49 a kilo!) as the base.

Our pineapple & carrot cake loaf could be spruced up with the addition of walnuts – 1/2 a cup in the batter and as decoration on top. Starting at £6.99 for 1kg, it’s a no brainer!



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