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Most schools have a no nut policy so filling snack boxes with real foods can be a challenge. Luckily we have a big range of dried fruits, popcorn, seeds and chocolate drops so you can easily create your own boxes for your kids. We’ve put together some great deals for start of term!

We also know small supermarket snack packs can be expensive and increase the amount of packaging your household generates. When you buy 1kg packs of a few of your favourite snack foods, mix them up yourself and decant them into little containers – you’ll not only be reducing your plastic waste (we use biodegradable bags now too!) but you’ll also be making a great saving!

Our organic dried mango strips and organic dried apricots are naturally very sweet, chewy and moreish. With this chewy texture and sweet taste they are usually a winner for even the fussiest of eaters, and a great switch-up for sweets. The apricots are a light to dark brown colour as they are 100% apricot with no sulphur added to preserve the colour, so they are dried in their most most nutritious form. Grab 1kg of mango strips for £12.69 and apricots for £5.49!

For an even sweeter deal, get a 2.5kg of Organic dried mango strips for £28.99! That should fill those snack boxes to Christmas!

Found a better deal than that? Let us know and we will work on changing our prices as we are always working to give you the lowest possible prices so we can make healthy eating more affordable and accessible for everyone.

We’re on a mission to get kids eating better snacks so we are running a deal on our Raw Banana Bread Smoosh which is such a winner with kids.  For a limited time only you can grab our 200g pack for just 49p! That’s cheaper than any 200g of sweets we could find in supermarkets.  We’ve also got 500g of our Organic Coconut Chips for just £2.99!

Try making a Tropical mix with our Coconut Chips and Banana Bread Smoosh in a snack box. Make this even better by adding in our jumbo flame raisins and dried pineapple pieces!

We’re also not forgetting it’s #OrganicSeptember this month, enjoy our delicious organic, sweet banana chips with a crunchy and crispy texture for just £3.25 for 500g. The perfect sweet snack to add into snack and lunch boxes.

Finally, we’ve not forgotten our chocolates! Choose from 3 different organic high-quality chocolate drops – 70% DarkMilk or White Chocolate! Mix them into homemade trail mixes for a truly delicious treat.

Needing to avoid sugar? We have a Sugar Free Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate sweetened with Maltitol just for you!

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