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Nutty Parsnip Chips

You can use any roasted root veg here but we loved the colour and flavour combo of the sweet Indian spiced parsnips. Chips just got a lot more interesting!

Serves 3 as a side or snack


3 large parsnips- peeled and chopped into fat ‘chips’

½ cup nut butter (almond or cashew)

½ tsp turmeric

½ tsp garam masala

salt to taste

2 tbs boiling water if needed to achieve a softened nut butter (our premium almond butter has a runny texture but if using almond butter with a thicker consistency you may need to add hot water to loosen it up)


Wash, peel and cut the parsnips into thin wedges and set aside.

Soften the nut butter by mixing with a fork and adding a tiny splash of boiling water if needed. Add the spices and a little salt then using your hands, coat the parsnips until fully coated with a generous layer of nut butter mix.

Bake on a lined baking sheet in a single layer at 180C for approx 25-30 mins until tender and golden and crunchy at the edges.

Best eaten immediately.


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