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Every Form of Almond You Can Imagine!

Find almonds in the form you need them in, in our huge range of almond products. Whether its roasted almonds for snacking or almond flour for baking – we’ve got you sorted. Browse our range of almond products below.

We know almond flour is a staple in gluten-free baking and it’s loved by so many customers so we’re offering our Ground Almond Flour to you at the low price of £9.99 for 1kg. 

For those wanting to go organic, we have offer Organic Ground Almond 1kg at £13.99 and for those needing Organic Extra Fine Almond Flour (ideal for making delicate confectionery items like macaroons!) we have 1kg for £16.49. 

If you enjoy your almonds in a smooth and silky form – then try our newly released Premium Almond Butter. It’s runny consistency makes it excellent for drizzling over sweet dishes – from chia puddings to waffles – or even for coating homemade parsnip chips! Available in smooth or crunchy 1kg tubs for just £11.99!

Snacking on almonds is affordable when you choose to buy from us as we are offering our Whole Natural Almonds 1kg for just £8.49 and our Organic Whole Almonds 1kg at £11.75! If you fancy an almond with a more intense almond flavour – go for our Roasted Almonds 1kg for £11.49!

When you need almonds with their skins removed, opt for our blanched almonds. We offer them in slicespieces and whole form. Many people choose blanched almonds for baking and you can see how we’ve used them in these cranberry almond cookies above!

Almonds don’t only make great baking ingredients and snacks, they also make an excellent natural oil for using on your skin and hair. Just like food we firmly believe the very best beauty oils don’t have to be expensive, if you cut out the expensive packaging and marketing! Try our Edible Beauty Organic Sweet Almond Oil for £4.69 and begin nourishing your skin the natural way!



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