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NEW Dairy Free Milk Powder & Cashew Pieces 2kg for £14.49

We’ve just launched our new 2kg pack size of our cashew nut pieces and we’re making them available to you for just £14.49! Grab this real value range offer while stocks last!

We’re excited to launch another dairy-free milk powder! We were the first innovator to bring our wonderful Vegan Coconut Milk Powder to the UK in 2012 and now we follow suit with our Vegan Cashew Nut Milk Powder that is loaded with cashew goodness, easy to use and create drinks, snacks and meals with. The great thing about our Cashew Milk Powder is the cashew nuts used in it give it a wonderful creaminess and a subtle taste of cashew flavour. So subtle many of us here at RealFoodSource thought it was regular milk powder when we first tasted it!

There are so many reasons we love this milk powder. Firstly it’s dairy free and vegan friendly. It’s practical as you can mix up a batch of milk or add it to a dish whenever you need – no need to worry about wasting bottles of cashew milk if you don’t use it all in time.

Cashew Milk Powder makes the most delicious and creamy milk making it ideal for adding to coffees, lattes, hot chocolate or pouring over your cereal and porridge. We like to whisk or blend together 50g of powder to 300ml (more powder if you prefer creamier milk) and store it in the fridge in a sealed bottle and then use as needed. Our suggested ratio will get you 3 litres of milk!

As the temperature starts to dip outside, warm up with our Dairy Free Hot Chocolate which uses our cashew milk powder, natural cocoa powder and coconut palm sugar.

Trying to avoid caffeine? Our Dairy Free Lemongrass & Turmeric Latte can help you curb those caffeine cravings aswell as pack in the nutrients!

Our powder is also a great dairy replacement in curries, soups, ice cream and fudge… the options are endless with our new, unique ingredient!

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