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Prices to Chia you up!

Our chia prices are bound to set you up for a chia-ful Monday! We’re offering 1kg of our Natural Chia Seeds for £3.90, 2kg for just £7.69, and 1kg of our Organic Chia Seeds for just £4.85!

One of the easiest ways to use chia is to mix it with milk and create chia pudding. We used our convenient new vegan cashew milk powder in the recipe below and topped with our premium almond butter and freeze dried strawberry powder.

If you like your chia seed smooshed into delicious dates and cocoa, try our Chocolate Seed Smoosh which just came back into stock! We produce Smoosh as a way of using up our production remains, helping us achieve our zero food waste status. So when you choose to buy smoosh, you’re not only getting a mix that filled with nutritious ingredients – but you’re also helping reduce food waste!

Our White Chia Seeds are just £6.49 a kilo and are great for baking where a white neutral colour is required from the chia seed. It’s just as nutritious as our dark chia seed and makes an excellent addition to sports drinks!


For a deal on Goji Berries and Chia – check out our Saver Pack which combines 1kg Natural Chia and 1kg Sun Dried Goji Berries for £13.79!

We’ve introduced some 2kg packs of your favourites recently at really great prices to offer you some even lower priced favourites of items you use regularly or use a lot of in baking and cooking. Desiccated Coconut 2kg at £4.99Organic Pumpkin Seeds 2kg for £9.99 and Whole Cashew Nuts 2kg £18.49.


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