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Hemp Pro Max and Quinoa Shake

This was a delicious protein rich discovery… a spin off from the quinoa milkshakes we’ve been making for a few weeks now- our new obsession!

Since quinoa helps create the creaminess and boosts the protein, it was the obvious choice for an experiment. I also used banana to further ‘creamify’ the shake but since the quinoa also plays a part here the end result is not overpowering with the taste of banana as sometimes can happen in a banana only smoothie.

With the use of the 75% protein hemp powder it’s the perfect post workout boost, or simply a meal on the go.

Recipe: Hemp and Quinoa Creamy Shake

Makes approx. 500ml serving


¼ cup cooked tricolour quinoa* (50g)

1 frozen banana cut into chunks

¼ cup white hemp pro max 75% protein powder

1 cup non-dairy milk of choice

¼ tsp vanilla powder

1-2 tsp coconut blossom syrup (to taste)

Toppings- chia seeds, maca powder, cinnamon, cocoa powder etc.


Blend all together very well until think and creamy. This makes a thick milkshake so you can add extra milk to serve depending on preference.

Chill before serving for best flavour.

Note: Ideally soak the quinoa overnight and rinse well before cooking to minimise any bitterness. Additionally, since this recipe only calls for 50g quinoa, I usually cook up a larger batch and then freeze in portion sizes for quick meals during the week.

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