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Our Full Hemp Range with Great Offers

We’ve got a big range of the nutrient dense plant based Hemp! From powders to seeds to oils, to smoosh snack, there are so many ways you can incorporate all the goodness hemp provides into your meals and snacks!  Check-out our range below.

Our Organic Hemp Flour can be used as a flour substitute for baking by adding to cakes, pies, muffins or breads. Add 1kg to your basket for just £4.49!
With 32% protein and their tasty nutty flavour, our Organic EU Shelled Hemp Seeds are ideal for sprinkling on savoury or sweet dishes! Boost your meals for just £11.19 for 1kg of seeds

NEW to our Smoosh range is the fully loaded Fruit ‘n’ Seed Smoosh. This hemp, pumpkin, chia, flax and sunflower seed packed smoosh contains 12% fibre, 17% protein and many micronutrients with the addition of baobab powder! Try this nutritious fruity treat for just £2.99 for 300g which will give you 6 x 50g bars or 10 x 30g bliss balls.  We make smoosh to keep our zero food waste target by using up all the leftovers from our packing runs, just one of our ways we can help our planet and our customers by offering top quality treats at cost value

For the oil purists try our Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil 500ml for £7.95 with it’s rich hemp flavour. For those who enjoy a milder hemp flavour, try our blend of Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil 500ml for £7.89

For tasty recipes using our big range of hemp products see our recipe resource below! Hemp is not just for smoothies – think puddingscookies & bread!


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