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A New Smoosh & Autumn Spiced Granola

As the leaves start to turn, warm up cold autumn mornings with our cinnamon and mace spiced, crunchy, homemade granola recipe! To nutri boost the granola base our quinoa and amaranth flakes are added to our oats which are then mixed with our pecans, almonds and pumpkin seeds for nutrition, flavour and crunch. Our spices mace and cinnamon add the autumn warmth.


Our Gluten Free Whole Porridge Oats form the base of the granola and boost the fibre and protein of this breakfast. We used our whole porridge oats but use what you have on hand. At £2.99 for 1kg they make an excellent value breakfast staple.

An optional extra in the granola mix is our gluten-free pseudocereal, Organic Quinoa Flakes. These are an excellent source of vegetable protein and are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron.  An excellent add in to granola and other homemade morning breakfasts and bars.

For crunch and protein, we included Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds into the granola. Add 2kg of our grade AA Organic Pumpkin Seeds to your order for just £9.99 and 1kg of Whole Natural Almonds for £8.49.

Spice up the granola and many other dishes with our Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. We do a great bulk value 500g bag for just £5.99, check out our delicious recipes with cinnamon for baked goodssnacks and hot drinks!

Add a little warmth to the overall flavour with our Organic Ground Mace. Mace originates from the nutmeg trees native to Indonesia. Mace is the red lacy coating found on the outside of a nutmeg seed, which is removed by hand and then dried. This unique warming, nutritious and decadent spice is on promotion for just £2.49 for 50g.

Introducing our 4 ingredient Banana Peanut Smoosh – the newest addition to our Smoosh Range. This delicious treat smooshes together dates, banana, peanut butter and coconut creating a super more-ish nutty banana flavour

We make smoosh to keep our zero food waste target by using up all the leftovers from our packing runs, just one of our ways we can help our planet and our customers by offering top quality treats at cost value.

P.S We’ve got a new Berry & Nut Mix coming to the store soon so keep your eyes peeled if you’re a fan of the berry nut combo!

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