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Halloween Specials

Halloween characters might give you a fright on the 31st but our prices on Pumpkin Seeds and Brazils shouldn’t!
Organic Brazil Nut Pieces 1kg are available at just £8.49

Get our Organic Grade AA Pumpkin Seeds 2kg for £9.99,  Organic Grade AAA Pumpkin Seeds 1kg for £8.95 (a superior grade to our others) and our Grade AA Pumpkin Seeds 1kg for £4.55

Wanting to try avoid the sugar rush of Halloween sweetie collecting? We’ve put together a few tasty treats to fill the kids baskets – from Dried Mango to Smoosh to Our New Berry & Nut Mix

Smoosh is not only a nutritious fruit-based treat for the kids, it can also be a fun activity for them. Roll the mixture into balls or any shapes they want to. See our range of flavours here and set a challenge of making the Salted Brownie Smoosh into spooky spiders!

Our NEW Berry & Nut Mix which combines Cashews, Dried Cranberries, Raisins, Pecans and Blueberries makes a delicious snack at any Halloween party you may be throwing. Pick up 1kg for £9.99! 

Reduced from £10.49 to £8.69, our Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate Drops 1kg make an easy sweet party snack or try your hand at making these

All the offers above have long best before dates, we always offer a minimum of 3 months best before date on our foods (the majority of our foods have many more months, if not years best before date as we always buy from the latest harvest) except our Smoosh products which are perishable items.  However, sometimes we overstock on an item and when we sell these off we clearly state in the name the short best before date.  When this happens, we sell the stock below cost value to maintain our zero food waste status which is so important for our environment and climate change. Currently, we are overstocked on our wonderful cashew paste, it has a short best before date of 10/19 so we are selling 1kg at £4.99, reduced from £10.99, 3kg for £14.49, reduced from £32.49 and 6 kilos for £28.15 reduced from £63.99.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Read how we use best before dates on our items, not expiry dates and what this means in our blog post here.

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