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Cashew Porridge

Cashew Milk Porridge

A super speedy, super creamy dairy-free breakfast base. Experiment with toppings and keep breakfast interesting!

Recipe: Cashew Milk Porridge

Serves 1


½ cup gluten-free whole oats
2 Tbsp cashew milk powder
1 cup boiling water (plus more as needed during cooking)
Toppings of choice (for example fresh bananas or banana chips, granola, light agave syrup, pumpkin seeds)


There are a few options for this easy porridge base:

1) Add all ingredients to a small pan and cook on the hob for 3-5 minutes (creamiest result)

2) Simply add boiling water and stir well for 1 minute for a ‘no-cook option’.

3) Soak overnight for ‘overnight oat’. Note – you may need to add a little extra liquid in the morning to loosen up before adding toppings.

Sweeten and add toppings of choice.

*Our coconut milk powders work just as well as the cashew milk powder in this recipe


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