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Even Lower Prices on Dried Fruits, Oil, Seeds & More

Dried Fruits, Oils, Seeds, Nuts and More – Find it all when you shop with us. Most importantly find these products at prices you can afford!

Our excellent Berry & Nut Mix is a perfect snack selection containing raisins, cashews, pineapple juice infused cranberries, pecans and apple infused blueberries. Our delicious berry and nut mix contains all the goodness of the individual nuts and fruits. No preservatives, flavours, added salt or any nasties!

We offer a wide range of dried fruits which are not only super tasty but easy to incorporate into your morning bowl of cereal as they come already prepared like these Dried Chopped Apricots. Grab 1kg bag for just £3.85. More of a berry fan? Then try our 1kg of Apple Infused Blueberries for £15.99 a kilo.

Whether it’s Coconut Oil or Cocoa Butter you’re looking for, find it in our wide range of oils, butters and vinegar! Pick up 1L of Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar for £5.992.5L Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for £16.99 or the Award Winning Organic Fontanaro Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy for £16.99

Our new Nutritional Yeast Flakes have a rich, nutty cheese-like flavour. Get a 500g of this vitamin B12 enriched nutritional yeast for just £8.99 while on promotion

Seeds and Nuts are a core ingredient in so many snack mixes, baked goods and meals. When you shop with us, they’re affordable additions most importantly! Get 1kg of Organic EU Sunflower Seeds for £2.85 and Small Cashew Nut Pieces 1kg for £7.45

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