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Avoiding Gluten? No problem!

Our Gluten Free Flour Range has everything from Coconut Flour to Chickpea Flour to Buckwheat Flour – the options are endless and so are the ways in which you can use them. Our recipe section is always on hand to help you find new creative ways to incorporate them into your cooking and baking!

Almond flour can be used to make Chocolate Almond Crackers, Flax Seed Powder is the base for Our 3-ingredient Flax Seed Wraps, Oat Flour is excellent for making Cranberry Oat Waffles and Coconut Flour is one of two gluten-free flours used in our Keto Bread Rolls. Browse our range of recipes on our blog that use our gluten-free flours to see what you want to try out!

We stock a range of gluten-free flours that are also nut-free. This ranges from Organic Chickpea Flour 1kg for £4.99 to Organic Buckwheat Flour 1kg for £3.75 – to name a few!

These flours have many nutritional perks (chickpea flour is 22% protein & 14% fibre!) which makes them a great addition to your cooking whether you’re trying to cut out gluten or not. Try our chickpea flour in Flatbread and our buckwheat flour in Waffles!

One of the reasons we love using nut flours in gluten free baking is they help achieve an overall moist texture in many baked goods (evident here ) They also add a unique nutty flavour many enjoy. A seed flour like our Organic Flax Seed Powder acts as a binder aswell as flour (try our recipe here for 3 Ingredient Flax Seed Wraps) Yet another reason to have this on hand in your pantry

We completely support the ideas behind Fairtrade and want all the farmers we source our products from to get the best prices. We are fully behind good working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Many of our products are indeed Fairtrade products but we don’t show the Fairtrade logo on our product labels or market them as Fairtrade.  Read why in our blog post

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