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Let Freeze Dried Fruits Brighten Your Day!

Let us brighten up your day with our range of tasty, colourful, 100% natural freeze-dried fruits!

Freeze Dried fruits are so handy to have in your pantry at this time of year when fresh fruits are out of season. They add fruit flavour and natural sweetness and are great for making smoothiesfruit crumble bars, decorating chocolate bars or for adding to cereals or porridges whenever you need! No need to keep track of fresh fruit to make sure you eat it before it goes off. 100 grams of freeze-dried fruit is equivalent to 1 kilogram of fresh fruit – so a little goes a long way! Freeze drying also preserves the colour and goodness of the fruit.

Serious savings alert on our raspberry products!
Get our Organic Whole Raspberries for less – 100g bags are down from £8.29 to £7.39

Our Organic Raspberry Crumble is on offer for £6.99, down from £7.99! Grab a 100g bag and have fun sprinkling this on porridge, baked goods or using it in homemade chocolate bars

100% Strawberry adds the flavour and sweetness in our new super simple 3 ingredient smoothie (image at the top) on our recipe page.  The recipe combines just cashew milk powder, water and freeze-dried strawberries to make the most delicious, refreshing smoothie.
Get 100 grams of Organic Strawberry Slices (that’s 1kg of actual fruit) for just £7.99 and the non-organic version for £5.89

To increase your antioxidants intake grab 100g of our Organic Wild Blueberries for £7.99 and non-organic for £5.89!

We also offer a few of our freeze-dried fruits in a powdered form. This makes it really easy to mix into your protein shakes, add to smoothies, colour your cake icing or even make teas!

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